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What you can achieve after these course?

Opens Multiple Income Streams

Shopify Dropshipping(2024)

Start Your Risk-Free Dropshipping Business from Pakistan

Golden Strategy(2024)

How to Earn PKR 1 Lac Regular Monthly Income with an Investment of PKR 10,000 with Online Marriage Proposals Business

facebook Marketing(2024)

How to Become a Facebook Ads Strategist (FAS)


How to start your Digital Marketing Agency from home

Golden Sesions 2.0

How to Generate PKR 1 Lac Regular Income from an Investment of PKR 15000

Local PL & Daraz Mastery

How to Start Local eCommerce with Daraz & WordPress

Get Orders from First Day

Live results analysis and setup of Rules Based Scaling strategy having 2700

 orders of high ticket product

Watch at 1.5x Speed for Better Experience

Risk-Free Dropshipping

You will be able to start your Risk-Free Dropshipping business from Pakistan without having anyone abroad.

1 Lak Incom Generation

You will be able to earn PKR 1 Lac regular income with an investment of PKR 15000 with the help of Golden Session

Digital Marketing Ajency

You will be able to start your own digital marketing business from home

Profitable Marketing

You will be able to run profitable Facebook Campaigns with the help of CPB ADS Strategy.

Daraz Selling

You will be able to launch your product on Daraz and Local eCommerce market with Shopify or WordPress.


You will get a certificate signed by Hamza Ali

1 Day No Question Asked Refund Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

You will get access to all (06) courses as a bundle offer which includes

1. Shopify Dropshipping 2024

2. Advance Facebook Marketing 2024

3. Daraz Mastery & Local PL

4. Golden Strategy #2

5. Freelancing

6. Golden Session 2.0

Upon completing the course, you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully start and run your own business.

Investment details are as follows. 

1. Shopify Dropshipping 

Investment Required: 1000$
Expected Returns: 1500-2000$ a month when you are at phase 4.
Risk Profile: Moderate to High

2. Golden Session 2.0

Investment Required: PKR 15000
Expected Returns: 100,000-200,000 PKR a month after completing 8-9 Phases
Risk Profile: No to Low

3. Daraz Marketplace

Investment Required: PKR 50,000 to launch single product
Expected Returns: 15,000-20,000 PKR a month from single product
Risk Profile: Low to Moderate

4. Freelancing (Digital Marketing Agency)

Investment Required: PKR 10,000-15,000
Expected Returns: 100,000-150,000 PKR a month working with 2-3 clients
Risk Profile: No to Low

5. Golden Strategy #2

Investment Required: PKR 10,000
Expected Returns: 100,000-300,000 PKR a month
Risk Profile: No to Low

This is a strategy-based multiple sessions where I explained 6-six powerful strategies for generating PKR 1 Lac monthly income with an investment of PKR 15,000 or less.

Yes, this is true. You will get multiple strategies with practical blueprints to generate PKR 1 lac Income with an investment of PKR 15000 or less.

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1-1 mentorship will also be available for those who are willing to start a business with the hand-holding support of Hamza Ali for an extra cost of PKR 30,000.

Within 1 hour to 12 hours depending on the payment confirmation from the bank. We will provide access as soon as we confirm the payment

Yes, you will get a certificate upon course completion. 

Yes PKR 6500 is the one-time payment.

Your payment is secured with our 1-day money back guarantee

Meet Your Trainer.

1-1 Mentorship.

Jahanzaib Saif

Hi, this is Jahanzaib Saif a professional
Digital Marketer and eCommerce Strategist

1-1 mentorship will also be available for those who are willing to start a Shopify Dropshipping Business or want to provide services with a dedicated support of Hamza Ali on everystep.

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